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Pixie is growing!

the workload has been terribly doubled and tripled! and due to that, i have chosen to do Habit 3: Put First Things First. and therefore, i’ve ‘sinfully’ neglected my humble blog. the workshop i was sent to attend by the school, was titled 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. somehow, it has changed me. a bit. i’m beginning to prioritize my things better, to do all the urgent and important things first. but of course, being an imperfect person, i’m also beginning to show signs of slacking! baaaaahhhh…

anyway, let’s talk about my little pixie, shall we?

pixie is definitely showing a lot of improvements these days. i’m teaching her common words of the things that she does at home or outside. and she understands what i’m telling her. she knows how to twist and turn her wrist to show me “no more” or “finished”. she can say “nak” (want) when she wants something from us, especially food. but it sounds more like a babble or baby talk. nevermind, we can still make out what she says.

we’ve introduced many words to her too. constantly talking to her, exposing her to language so that she can speed up her speech. long ago, when she was waaay to young to understand how to read, i put her down on the mattress and read a book. just before she went ZZzzzzz. but the other day, i made her lie down so we can read together, she grumbled at me and sat right up. i thought she didn’t like stories anymore. but no….! she sat up to look at the book better.

a toddler knows the proper way to read a book. sitting up and under a good lighting. unlike me! hahaha. call myself a preschool educator. tsk!

there are things that she does at the mere mention of the words tell me that she fully understands. the only thing that is still quite bothering us is her speech. of course, we teach her easy and short words. all these are done in Malay. i’m not going to teach her English now. i’ll let her pick up the language in school.

and talking about school, pixie will be attending one VERY VERY soon!!!! in 2 weeks time, my baby will be starting the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) at Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School. she’ll be doing a lot of physiotherapy, which will be more intense as it will be done thrice a week. hopefully, she’ll get better and walking independently with steady steps.

i’m just so excited that i can get teary!! how did my little 0825 grams preemie got so big?


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2 thoughts on “Pixie is growing!

  1. Job well done with the sketch of your young one. I can clearly see and conclude that you are more excited than your daughter regarding starting school. I wish you and your daughter all the best on this new phase of her life.

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