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School’s Cool

Fateha started school today…

she’s attending Early Intervention Programme for Infant and Children at Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School. we were allowed to sit in the class to observe and learn, too, what she would be doing throughout the programme.

she seemed to be enjoying herself, blending in with the teachers and her one and only classmate very well. she might be a-okay with everything because we were around but i have a good feeling that she’ll manage without crying. well, we shall keep our fingers crossed!

she had 3 teachers in her class and one of ’em was a Senior Teacher, who thought that Fateha still needs the milk bottle to drink her water. it was during snack time when ST approached me and asked about how little curly consume her feeds. when i told ST that curly could eat and drink on her own, picking up food with her own little hands and drinking water from a bottle with a straw, ST was amazed!

ST: wow! that’s a great achievement!
me: thanks, she can do quite a lot of things independently now.

i hope things will be good for us. anyway, what is 2 hours in school, right? it’s peanuts!!


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