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Row My…What??

i was in the office, which was located next to one of the Kindergarten 1 (5 year olds) class, busy marking some creative writing papers done by my Kindergarten 2 kids. i couldn’t stop smiling upon reading the cuteness in their sentence structure, though grammatically wrong, they certainly had shown great improvements.

so while i was checking out the papers, the Kindergarten 1 kids were having their music and movement. and they were singing the mother of all babies and young children’s song: The ABC Song. ahhh, that song was piece-a-cake! i could sing that with my mouth taped!

but there was something very unusual, and cute, about the words that those kids sang. i considered myself lucky because the kids asked for an encore! hahaha they sang it twice. here is what i heard:

kids: “…..w, x, y and z….row my, row my ABC…yes sir what you sing to me…”

i kid you not!!!! i had a strong feeling that their teacher too was grinning, from ear to ear.

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