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Oldies Are Goldies

there is no mentioning it. i miss the old times. those times when i was young, care-less and stress-free. didn’t have to think of what to cook, what to shop for, bills and all sorts of things.

i remembered one time, when i was in my teens, locked myself up in the room and planned on making a time machine (duh!) so that i could always go back to the time when i was very young and small. and now, i still have those times when i wish i could just *trink* vanish into thin air and travel back in time.

i sure did look sad and lonely. maybe scary too!

my brother and me. still love each other, although bickering was (and still) inevitable between us

there’s no doubt that we looked far worse than we do now (LOL) but the joy and laughter we had long ago were priceless.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

2 thoughts on “Oldies Are Goldies

  1. Gosh, I haven’t dropped by in ages it seems! Congrats on Fateha starting school. She’s such a big girl now! You must be proud of her 🙂

    And wah, nothing beats vintage photos! You look so adorable in your kindergarten photo. Bukan sad and lonely lah, tu macam tangkap lentok je 😛

    1. LOL tangkap lentok huh?? maybe lah kan but i remembered that time i wasn’t schooling yet. it was my relative’s uniform hahhaha. dah kemarok nak sekolah, hari2 pakai uniform.

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