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You Give Me Fever…Please!

the little girl is heating up, since bedtime last night. poor girl, i’m letting her sleep longer and wake later.

the origins of her fever : daddy.

she has always been the first (or rather, the only one) to catch daddy’s virus. we have tried our very best to separate them so that they have no chance of getting in contact. but it’s just not possible, i guess. and ever since i got myself tied to being a wife and mom, there are some things that i observed and learned from this family of 3.

for instance, when daddy is down with fever, the little girl will tag along in his journey of hotness. that, i wonder why. it’s not like they sleep together or do everything together. and it’s funny as h/e/l/l/ that i am at the pinkest state of my health and as healthy as a bunny rabbit. i didn’t catch any virus at all, even when i SLEEP and HUG daddy. oh yes, we even give each other some pecks on the cheeks and lips. but no. not a single, itsy bitsy drop of germ get into me.

i guess it is nature’s way of telling me that moms CAN’T fall sick because if they do, the house will be totally flipped upside down. and i would also like to agree with that notion because i can never imagine the state of my home if i were to have fever and rest in bed all day.


i wish i could find those batteries somewhere in my body.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

2 thoughts on “You Give Me Fever…Please!

  1. Oh dear, I hope she gets better soon. Nothing breaks me more than seeing lil kids getting sick. They become so lemah, and kesian 😦 And yes, mommies shouldn’t get sick, lest the whole house can’t function! Talk about superwoman indeed!

    1. you know, she surprised me by still being her active self, although her body’s hot. LOL! no sign of lemah at all and she’s getting better already. yup2, without mommies…abis rumah! ahahha

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