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Mother’s Day

just wanna wish everyone, especially MY mom and mom-in-law, a very Happy Mother’s Day.

we celebrated Mother’s Day at my paternal grandma’s with some of my paternal cousins, aunts and uncles. it was fun, snapping photos away, laughing at each other’s silly jokes, getting presents (the best of all) and eating the cake.

being a mother, myself, for this year has shown me some SERIOUS challenges. normally, i know how to handle problems and situations with my students. i have my own solutions to their misdemeanor and i don’t need any theory to check upon. they’d come bursting out from my fingertips.

BUT! it all ain’t happening at home, sadly. i AM strict with Fateha, when it is called for, of course. hubby has self-appoint himself as the discipline master at home. amazingly, Fateha listens to him. i’m not saying that Fateha is not afraid of me and bullies me but there were times when i scolded her, she threw tantrums. here’s a list of what she does each time she gets a tick from me.

– hits her head on anything hard (wall, table)
– uses the comb or anything she can grab and hit her head
– throws herself on the floor
– bites and pinches me
– clenches her fist and shows it to me

it’s like i’m watching Super Nanny. LIVE!

i am really out of my wits! i can’t seem to get her to stop all these nonsense. i have tried means and ways to discipline her, maybe give her some corporal punishments. but the problem is, she doesn’t understand why i have to do the deed. *sigh* sometimes i feel like giving up and let her do what she wants but, as a preschool educator with theories to back me up, i know i would only be damaging my daughter.

anyways, like ALL mothers, i love my daughter very much. i have faith in her and i know that this is just a phase. i hope hubby will be beside me to discipline this little kera kena belacan.

and, happy mother’s day…to ME!


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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