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Zooperific Adventure!

it was Fateha’s 4th visit to the zoo and this time, she went there with a little more understanding of animals. we had fun making sounds of monkeys and elephants but she enjoyed monkeys the most! except that she’s incapable of monkeying around LOL. ~phew~

she enjoyed watching the Rainforest Fight Back animal show, was able to clap along to the drum beat of the tribal people. she even did her rendition of head banging! but once the chainsaw started roaring, she turned and dunked her face into my chest. ye chickened, still!

i was expecting to see a very big crowd there, since the school holidays just started but nope, there wasn’t. visitors came in small groups and some were hanging loosely at the animal exhibits, giving us ample space to move about with a pram. but of course, there were also those who behaved far worse than the animals.

we saw:
– a father, lowering his son’s pants so that he could pee amongst the bush next to the jaguar enclosure, where the toilet was just around the corner.
– people blocking other visitors who were there to strike a pose at the animal enclosures and did nothing to move back or further away…or even to apologize.
– kids came in fairly big group (together with their couldn’t-be-bothered- with- what-their-kids-were-doing parents) pushing other visitors away so that they could see the animals right under their nose, and talked very loudly as though they were yelling at each other.

we were looking high and low for Ah Meng’s grave cum memorial site but we didn’t find it. thanks to Fateha, who threw our zoo map down into the ravine drain. oh by the way, Ah Meng was our beloved orangutan who mothered many, many little orangutans.

the garden with a view was so pretty that we couldn’t resist getting a romantic snapshot (puke!!)…

and Fateha was left to wait for us, which then she showed her utter disgust.

we should go again!!! i’d never get bored looking at the animals because…i LOVE ’em. if i’m not at the zoo, i’d be at home watching Animal Planet.


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