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The Making of: A Girl

i have a feeling she’s just like me when i was younger, probably around the same age. i was a TOMBOY! yes, i was. i played like a boy, climbed trees, chasing my friends around, crawled into big drains and splashing the murky water (gross)! oh, i did all that, alright?

the only difference between us, mother and daughter, she is far more prettier than i was!

and i’m working on exposing the feminine side of her, getting her to explore and discover the fun she’d be having if she plays with dolls and soft toys and all the girly toys we have bought for her. as you have already know, or don’t, Fateha HATES dolls. she doesn’t seem to get any attachment to any dolls she sees. the part that scares her the most is the doll’s hair, LOL! she’ll get freaked out and scream like mad if we ever try getting her to touch the super frizzy and ugly hair.

i don’t blame her at all. i used to hate dolls, too. i didn’t have much dolls, although my dad bought me a few that looked like Barbie, but i rarely played with them. what kind of fun i had? i played with rocks and stones, balls and “water bombs” (don’t worry, they’re completely safe to play with. just a small plastic bag filled with water)!

but i remembered having soft toys. plenty of ’em. so i’m getting her to make merry with her soft toys instead 🙂

she seems happier, isn’t she? she even knows how to show love to her ‘cow’; by hugging and kissing it! that’s a good start, i guess, but we have to work on it because she still prefers to wrestle me on the floor and slamming her body on mine!

next attempt: tea and cooking set!


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