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Fun At The Coast

i’m cutting short and not gonna make up for 2 months worth of non-updated entries.

off to the most fun thing we did just about 2 weeks ago. The Beach. with some of my paternal cousins.

noretta, jannah(my cousins) and i had planned for an outing for ages. the last we did, with us cousins only, was 4 years back. before i was married. and finally we organized a small picnic at the same beach. this time, there were 2 new addition to the group. my little girl and my new sister-in-law 🙂

the new IN thing right now, in singapore, is kite flying. if you can find any open field, of a soccer field size (smaller or bigger), you’ll find kite fanatics in hundreds flying their Colourful Flying Objects (CFO). even those who have no idea or whatsoever on how to fly the kite.

(these two pictures are courtesy of my photographer cousin, noretta (in white))

jannah decided to be one of them and brought along her “butterfly” CFO. yes it was pretty but i didn’t steal any chance to fly it because it’s not my cuppa tea to get something soar elegantly in the sky. moreover, i didn’t have the slightest confidence that my CFO would elegantly fly.  so the kite flyers among us were jannah, noretta and my brother.

the rest of us enjoyed crackling away while getting twisted and filling our empty stomachs. and last, but not the least, the thing that we (girls) enjoyed the most was posing for the camera!!! even supermodels lose out to us (as if!)

there’s more!

and we gave our posing a truly happy ending!

i could upload all of our poses but you might think i was a showoff.

we bid our goodbyes to the beautiful beach and got our last group photo snapped. i wish we could go there again and spend more time together outdoors. but now let’s concentrate on our fasting in this holy month of Ramadhan.

till the next picnic. or outing.


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