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Eidul Fitri 2010

there are various ways to call this glorious day. eidul fitri, eid al mubarak, aidilfitri…lots more. which ever way you choose, it all mean the same. a month of celebration after fasting in ramadhan.and i’m glad that my fasting this year didn’t turn out so bad. i only had 4 “off” days instead of the usual 10-14 days. the part where i have to payback the fast has always been an issue. so i consider myself VERY, VERY and EXTREMELY lucky *skips about*

candid shot with my paternal family

(you won’t be expecting to see my very own eid pictures from my miserable camera. i’m waiting to get a hold of more pictures from my cousin and uncle, who are photographers. i’m just ashamed and appalled at how my pictures turned out to be)

this year’s theme color had been set last year from our very own balloting system. there were numerous of colors that were scribbled in tiny pieces of paper. guess who was the one to pick the fateful colour? FATEHA!!! she picked pink and received thunderous applause (from me) because that was the color i wrote in that paper 🙂

my brother was unhappy with the result because he hated pink. hmph! what a girl he was. since the decision was final, everyone had to scout around for pink fabric. no one knew what color tone everyone had until the first day of eid, where all family members gathered at my grandmother’s house.very intriguing, ain’t it?

getting lots of green packets

Fateha is already well-practiced in salam (kissing hands of adults) and i also taught her something extra. since she still unable to express her gratitude or ask for forgiveness, i taught her to put her hands together and raised to her face, and associated that action with the word ampun (my apology). and with that, went all the green packets into her little knitted blue sling bag 🙂

kids love green packets, don’t they? they get so rich in just a day!!! why aren’t adults as lucky as them? i wish my job pays me hundreds per day.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all muslims. and i vote for World Peace *giving a peace sign*


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