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Gimme Some Muscles

coming December, Fateha will be going under the knives for a muscle transplant on her Erb’s Palsy right arm. the exact date for that is still not confirmed and truth is, i do not know WHEN i will ring up her ortho specialist to get an appointment. but definitely it will be done in December. right after we come back from our holiday. yes.

just about a month ago, we booked an appointment for a CT scan on her Erb’s Palsy right arm. we chose to be warded in the hospital for 1.5 days. we got the same ward and bed we had about 2 years ago when Fateha was admitted for bronchitis.  but before reaching the ward and unpack for our stay, i feared she might not be able to keep her cool and would cry and scream due to unfamiliar surrounding.

to my utter amazement, she paced up and down the crib like a lioness, without getting tired or bored. she climbed up the sides of the crib and threw herself onto the mattress, gaily. with no care whatsoever of the people who were staring at her antics.

she LOVED being in the hospital. she loved the attention she got from the doctors as they made their rounds, checking up, gossiping and informing the patient’s last days – to be warded, of course! – on the second day, early in the morning, we were woken up by a nurse who then told us to get ready by 8am. they were planning to insert the plug on her left hand.

me: huh? but i thought i was told last night that the sedation will be an oral one.
nurse: yes definitely but the plug will be useful in case the oral sedation doesn’t work.

and by the time the clock struck 8 (not that exact. you know how they work in the hospital. 8 o’clock also means 8:30 or 9. or in extreme cases, 10. the nurses blame it on the doctors.) Fateha was carried into the procedure room after being cajoled with stickers and such. i, however, was not allowed anywhere near the room. i stayed outside, hoping to catch any glimpse on her getting pricked. in a second, a screen was pulled. hmph! they must be thinking i was too chicken to see them working on her. sheesh. i’ve seen many barbaric acts they did on my girl and i didn’t squirm!

the best part was waiting for the CT scan to be scheduled. my poor little girl had to fast at 12pm before she took her sedation. a young and handsome male doctor confirmed the hour of the scan – 3pm –

Q: what time did the doctors finally call us for the CT scan?
a) 3pm
b) 4pm
c) 4:30pm

A: (c) 4:30pm

sedation was given to her 15 minutes before she would be sent for the scan. lucky for us the sedation worked fast and off she went to La La Land. basically, the times that we were told to go for this and that were not accurate at all. they were all late, never early.

we already knew the results of the scan and there was nothing to be alarmed of. nothing. just waiting for the confirmation of her surgery date. and that has to be my responsibility!


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