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Lost at Tambun!

even though she was running a temperature; nose, throat and lungs were full of phlegm, and a bad bad cough, we still went on for a holiday (bad parent, i am). but we went fully packed with her medications and Baby, her Rusty Bunny.

a 4 days 3 nights trip to Ipoh, Perak. we stayed at Laketown Hotel in Bukit Merah Laketown Resort and also ventured other attractions. oh when i said we, i meant: my parents, my brother and his wife (SIL), my youngest brother, hubby, Fateha and myself. on my parents account, of course, and it was stuUuuuUuUUuupendous!! (does that line prove to you that Fateha forced me into watching loads of Barney and Friends with her?)

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, whaddaya know? i’ve been there thrice!!! first was in 2001 with the family of course and i was single back then. second was with my darling husband, just about 6 months ago in June. both of these events had turned out to be disappointments because i couldn’t get a chance to swim in the wave pool, water park and playground blah blah blah due to “red light”.

but this time, with my parents again,  we went at sorta right time! it was “green” so i was able to release my yearn of splashing around.

to my surprise, Fateha was and is still an aquaphobic. she was excited to go but when she saw water shooting out of walls and pipes and this and that, she got scared! we still carried her around and got her into the wave pool, bit by bit, and brought her to another part of the water park with lots of water sprays. mission= failed! she was wailing and yelping and gasping for air, cos she was still unwell. things that a bad parent would do. note that.

third day of our trip, we went to the Lost Wor – never mind! you read the picture, ‘kay?  i got reviews from some friends and people i know that this place was super-dee-duper (another Barney word, eh?) so my dad brought us there.

it was sad because LWT was another water theme park and i didn’t bring extra clothing for yet another splashing time. i should have done some revision before our embarkation. so we walked the whole park, enticed our sensory at the Petting Zoo and freaked ourselves out on the freaking Viking Ship. oh, talking about the Petting Zoo, hey i touched a hedgehog!

dad bought a packet of seeds, cost at RM1 each, to feed the birds. hey, that was very familiar aka Singapore Jurong Bird Park. anyways, bird parks all over the world could have done the same. dad gave me some to feed those small little birds, cutely perching on a small tree. some of us tried it too but those birds didn’t come to me at all. the rest had birds pecking furiously on the seeds in their palms where as mine was…*crickets creaking* dad suggested i could try the other bigger birds but i was too chickened. their bigger, meaner beaks were scary!

okay so now let me have my say about LWT. although i loved the green surroundings, with nature still intact, but i thought they could still make some improvements. open up the caves that they revved about in their websites and tourist pamphlets instead of keeping it closed, add more arcades and games and whatnot, add more trees at the sidewalk so that they could cool down the terribly hot weather, and they could…(on and on and on)

on our last morning, before we left, we got Fateha her final dip…

into the hotel pool! and another bad parenting skill, we did it while it was drizzling but prevention was done for the still-running-a-bit-of-temperature Fateha,  we made her wear a shower cap, to keep her head dry so that it wouldn’t worsen her condition. initially, she was still showing signs of aquaphobia but when the rain got slightly heavier and we thought enough was enough, that was when she wanted to stay in the water!

strange girl she could sometimes be!

anyways, we still enjoyed ourselves, holidaying with the WHOLE family without anyone left out. i love my parents! thanks so much for belanja us throughout the whole trip. it will be our turn soon, i promise.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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