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i can’t believe it’s the new year already

i don’t think i had enough of the december holidays. time really flies fast. i can barely catch a breath. and what? it’s 2011 already??! i used to plan to have another little one to add on to our family in 2011 but something much more crucial comes up and i have to do some tweaking to my plan A.

recently, we brought Fateha to the hospital for her orthopedic checkup. the associate professor finally confirmed a surgery for her. initially, his partner told me december would be good before she turns 3. there were a lot of hassle to get it done in december, which made me and hubby irate!

anyway, these are the confirmed medical events to be done on my little preemie.

19 jan – botox injection on her left calve to release muscle tightness
22 feb – muscle transplant on her right erb’s palsy arm

from what the doctors and the therapists have told me, the splint that Fateha will have to don after the surgery, looks pretty scary. i’m not sure how i will go through all that once it’s all done.

they called it “aeroplane splint” and so the one that she would be wearing in february will look something like this. attached to her body and all that. something that is totally not fun at all. AT ALL!

happy new year!


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