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whaddaya know? exactly three years ago i gave birth prematurely to this wonderful little kickboxer (because she kicked her safety sac too early till my water broke to make her way out).

and to make her (and myself) feel special, this year we organized a birthday bash for Fateha. the location was at a country club in the east side. we got a special rate for the bungalow, thanks to my uncle rahman.

wanted to make a barney theme for her party. i was thinking of donning her in baby bop costume (’cause they’re of the same age), get a life-sized barney balloon or plushy, decorate the whole bungalow in purple and green decorations but i was out of budget. all i could afford was a barney cake and a huge, computer-sized bag of party favors. ok.

so she was dressed as a princess, instead, who enjoyed her pumpkin carriage tricycle ride.

’twas the best birthday party we had organized outside our homes, so far (the last one was hubby’s birthday at east coast beach in 2006, before we got married). because we didn’t contribute any money for the rent, food and everything. we had our own finance ministers, my paternal aunt and uncle. hehehe. (sorry!)

Fateha with maternal and paternal grandparents

oh yes, it was my father in-law’s birthday as well (both of ’em share the same birth date). Happy Birthday, Pak! we also saw how cool Fateha was with a younger, yet special friend.

Fateha with Nuraz Anaqi (Aqi)

looking at her, kissing and caressing Aqi, i was and AM confident that having a little brother or sister wouldn’t be much of a problem for her. *kicks sibling rivalry off the shelves* and just because i said little sibling, that didn’t mean we’re nesting. though it’s still unclear, we’d make sure she’d be nice, should the stork send me one.

we ended the whole shindig at changi beach, the next day,  for a splashing good time. it has been donkey years since i let myself loose in the salty sea. weather was cloudy, which was good ’cause it’s an indication that i wouldn’t end up with getting so tanned. but the weather got crueler. the wind went from breeze-y to gale-y. and when i got out of the water, my fingers nearly froze!


we were also as crazy as the wind. we went further from the sand – from where i stood, the water level was at my neck. and mind you, i didn’t know how to swim. risk-taker, aren’t i? we were waiting for the big waves to hit us and we got walloped several times by tsunami-like waves. sounds dangerous, huh? but we enjoyed it. the last time my aunt took her dip in the sea water was many many donkey years ago. and yesterday, she paid back all her misses. indeed, she had a rocking good time.

and for the little girl, she got douched a couple of times before she gave up and wailed!

happy third birthday, sayang! and since ibu has gone sort of half ‘pok kai’ for this year’s party, your next one would be in 5 years time, ok?


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