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Fried Hokkien Mee

Fried Hokkien Mee (noodles) with hot and spicy chicken nuggets, cooked it my style.

i’m not that good at cooking but that does not mean i can’t cook. of course, i can. i have always wanted to share what i have whipped up in the kitchen but at times, either the picture didn’t turn out nice, i had forgotten the camera, i was plain lazy or the kitchen didn’t look good.

while cooking, i was more like Rachael Ray. throwing all the ingredients into the pot/wok/pan without measuring them. i have thought of buying those little cutesy measuring spoons but i knew i would only get myself confused and burn the food. so just like Rachael would have said, “i don’t measure. i just dump everything inside!”

how cool is that? well, there is no way i can be THAT good, you know…like Rachael (she’s my inspiration. i wanna get her orange utensils!). all i know is that my dishes are edible. proof? the husband and daughter are still alive and kicking! lol.

like Rachael always say, “and THAT’S for dinner, tonight!!!”

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