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how do i…?

this is my new laptop, a birthday present from ibu’s friend.

you know, last week i celebrated my third birthday. i had so much fun with all my aunts and uncles; friends like shirin and anaqi were there too!!! but anaqi was very late 😦 i had already changed into my peejays. anyways, i still had fun!

but but but i didn’t know how to play this thing. all i know is i like to press press press the little buttons so it’ll make funny songs. the vocabulary game was too hard for me. in the end, i gave up and let my ibu and ayah play with it. i think they’re good at the cognitive games stored in my laptop.

know what, i still prefer to disturb ibu’s laptop. she has all my pictures in there. mine hasn’t any!

and ibu is playing with it now. i’m gonna squeeze myself under her armpit 😛


Categories: Fateha, Hobbies
  1. January 20, 2011 at 12:31 am

    Happy Belated Birthday Fateha! You grow more beautiful in every picture! xx

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