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word up

(heaving) soooo…she has begun to show progress in her speech abilities since last december. i am, of course, ultimately delighted upon hearing what comes out of her tiny lips. let me run through with you.

words she can already say independently, in malay and a bit of english (baby-ish, still)…
1) bu / aya (mommy / daddy)
2) tok / nenek (grandpa / grandma)
3) dodok (sit)
4) totop (close, switch off)
5) nak (want)
6) goo’ (good, she does not end it with a “d”)

words she is still trying…
1) ba (bus)
2) te (train)
3) wa (one)
4) toh (two)
5) ti (three)
6) poh (four)
7) top (stop)

those are just a few of what she can already say. for now, we are still working on her “s” sounds which apparently she is unable to produce. and many more phonograms to learn. i am not going to rush her, though. taking it slowly by following her own pace.

every night before she is off to bed, i’d make her stand next to her bed to recite some words. and recently, she picks up numbers one – four pretty quick! and i keep making her say those words every night, together with the flash cards. we are definitely working much harder this time. both mommy and daughter.

but i’m afraid that she might just give up!


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