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what? botox???

i got that reaction from some people. they couldn’t believe their ears (or eyes, if they read it on my facebook page) when i said we would have botox done. some thought (including me, initially) that botox is only for beauty purposes.

about a year ago, fateha’s neurologist and chief pediatrician suggested and recommended botox to be done to loosen fateha’s tight calves and then strengthening them with intensive physiotherapy. i declined doing it at first but finally accepted the offer. because i envisioned my little daughter walking independently and that mental picture got even more vivid and clear.

today was the d-day. we were at the hospital; met up with the medical social worker to collect the confirmation letter of our agreed subsidized botox charges. damn expensive, i tell you. and thank goodness, we were granted $XXX per bottle.

as what we were told during our last meeting with the a/prof and neurologist, fateha was only required to have the botox done on one calf – the right side. her left calf was not as tight as the other, so it was scheduled for the botox in july. but….

cream anesthesia

while we were in the procedure room with the a/prof, he touched, twisted and pulled her tendons, and confirmed it needed botox. then he proceeded to touch her left. he looked at me and said, “this one, too. it’s as tight as her right leg.”

damn. the hole in my purse just got bigger. i quickly agreed and he applied cream anesthesia on both calves. we were then sent outside to wait for at least half an hour; for the anesthesia to work. a/prof squeezed the cream at three points on each calf, making it look like triangle waiting for me to trace and join ’em.

i like this a/prof because he works fast! we waited outside for about only 20 minutes and saw a nurse entered the room with 2 decanters of what seemed to me like botox. it gave me the chills because within a few seconds, a/prof called us in. the little girl had to lie on her tummy, stretched out her legs and had to be held down by a nurse, another doctor and myself.

i was surprised at how steady i was when a/prof gave her 3 jabs on each calf. it was pretty scary to be watching it. but i did! and fateha…she wailed and screamed as though she was fighting for her dear life.

it was done quite quickly and we were out of the hospital soon after. once it was all paid for, of course. on the journey home i promised her that i’d treat her to mcdonald’s for being a brave girl.

and she ate her fries and nuggets like a good little girl would.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

4 thoughts on “what? botox???

  1. salaam

    I generally disagree with botox, but in your case, it was necessary so I don’t have a problem if it’s for medical reasons. I only hope that it served it’s purpose well and that your daughter has benefited positively and is soon able to walk independently inshallah.

  2. Salam, Zainab..
    Hi you share the same name with my mom. at first i thought it was MY mom who commented LOL.
    yup, it’s haram if it’s for beauty purpose. since it’s for medical reasons, i went for it. so far, she’s looking good. her feet are more flat now while walking with assistance.
    thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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