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wrong words and tendon transfers

i was enjoying our bus ride home today and we met a regular passenger, who never fails to offer us a seat and sometimes sweet treats for the little girl. we became friends. awww. but that is not the main point.

we got home and were both singing nursery rhymes happily till one song put a rude halt to it all. why? watch this video.

i know she didn’t mean to say n*n*k (vagina) and t*t*k (breasts) but my goodness, they sounded so real! after this recording, i prevented her from saying those words and stopped myself from singing that line with her. yea, i started it all. LOL.

anyway, on to something more important. and crucial.

it’s 12 days to Fateha’s right arm surgery. and how am i coping with it? i’m DAMN anxious and nervous! gosh, it was like months ago when we were talking and deciding about it and now it’s only a matter of days! and i feel guilty about something.

her elbow splint. it was fabricated last year, can’t recall which month, and she was supposed to put it on when she’s at rest aka sleep or nap, according to the occupational therapist and her orthopedic specialist. it’s for straightening her bent elbow (The resulting biceps damage is the main cause of this classic physical position commonly called “waiter’s tip”.)

we were diligent in putting her splint on… unfortunately for the first few days only because she would be awaken while we were strapping her elbow and she’d burst into crazy wailing, while trying to pull it off. so i became too tired and the rest is history. bad mom, i am.

so now that her surgery is coming up real soon, i thought i should get her elbow strapped up. each night, i’d let her be completely asleep, so soundly that even a thunderous fart couldn’t wake her. once she’s knocked out, i will gently but surely put on the splint on her Erb’s right arm. it was a success for these past few nights. now, why didn’t i think of this initially?

and i did some research on the possible treatments of Erb’s Palsy. the one that matches what her orthopedic specialist enlightened me with is “Latissimus Dorsi Tendon Transfers”.

how it is done:
“The Latissimus Dorsi Tendon Transfers involve cutting the Latissimus Dorsi in half horizontally in order to ‘pull’ part of the muscle around and attach it to the outside of the biceps. This procedure provides external rotation to varying degrees of success. A side effect of this may be increased sensitivity on the part of the biceps where the muscle will now lie since the Latissimus Dorsi has roughly twice the amount of nerve endings per square inch than other muscles.”

got a wake up call from the hospital yesterday, telling me it’s all happening. gah! i’ll pray that it will be a smooth one. please pray for us too, my dear bloggers and readers. we need it much!


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

2 thoughts on “wrong words and tendon transfers

  1. first things first..wahahahahhaa! that is so funny..sib baik takder orang dengar tak? haha!

    second thing, i wish all the best in the upcoming surgery. as a mother, mmg sedih kan when we see our little baby having to go through all the pain. insyallah, kita doa sama2 that all will go as smoothly as it can be πŸ™‚

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