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her night read

ha ha ha he he he c’mon get silly and laugh with me! (barney song)

no i think you should laugh AT me. why? because while i went to prepare her milk before bed, i took out her storybook and allowed her to read. i got her to lie down (the lights were switched on, of course) for her night read. BUT! she refused and shook her head. instead she sat up right and started reading.

seriously, i laughed at myself. i deserved a smack on the head. calling myself a teacher and i taught her bad eye care habit! i was lucky that this little toddler of mine knew exactly HOW she should be reading. *hats off*

hi, this is my barney goes to the farm storybook and my barney musical plushy!

well, what else? she got tonnes of storybooks but the one that she chose night after night after night was still the same barney storybook. and mind you, she must have her barney plushy next to her, even if she didn’t need it. hmm.


she is still not able to read but she talks (in her dayak language) about the pictures she sees in each page. and of course, she points and calls “naneh” (barney) and “bok” (baby bop) and “teh” (bj). yeah, she can recognise the characters very well. watching barney dvd every evening really pays off.


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