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healing wounds

i’m one strange mother, i tell you. but hold that for a few lines.

as you know, or not, just a week ago Fateha went under the knives of a good and trusted surgeon we knew since her days after NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). and many asked:

faq: what was it for? did she fall?
me: no. she had a birth injury, which some doctors said as a shoulder dystocia, brachial plexus and erb’s palsy. all different names but they have one thing in common. nerve injury.
: birth injury? that was three years ago! why do the surgery now?
me: *sigh* because she went through a lot of trauma during and after birth (born at 26 weeks, remember?) and we didn’t know it could get any worser. that’s why.

now back to where i first started. i said i was strange, right? last week, when Fateha was pushed into the OT (operating theatre) the anesthetist instructed me to go in as well. so that Fateha would not be shocked and cry out hysterically till the whole team couldn’t work on her. while she was wheeled, i took the opportunity to ask him this.

me: can i watch the surgery? *hopeful smile”
him: no. *straight face which slowly carved into a smile*

i swear he was being sarcastic! but he was nice lah. grr, i really wanted to watch the procedure and how they went about meddling with Fateha’s muscles. yes, i was crazy!

it took the hand team 3 hours to fix my little girl. we were waiting with every worrying thoughts (and updating my facebook!) when 2 surgeons appeared in front of us from nowhere. no lah, there was a door that linked the waiting lounge to the OT. in a flash, we got up and ran up to them.

prof: everything went well! *smile* the surgery was successful and we saw the nerve she stretched during birth. which we didn’t expect. it had some scar tissue on it and it was crushed beneath some muscles. so we released it. you guys can go in now, she’s waking up and crying. *smile*

so we were called in to the OT to find Fateha very groggy and cranky. a state which i absolutely, positively understood except that i wasn’t cranky after the anesthetics wear off. we stayed 4 days 3 nights at the hospital, which 2 days and nights were spent in the PICU (pediatrics intensive care unit).

~~warped to a week later~~

she was recovering well and i tell ya, i thought she was gonna be one weakling, lying down the whole day and groaning in pain. she proved me wrong! she couldn’t keep still and even though her balancing skills were still not that great, she braced herself up and crawled. with one hand! and she even rolled over during her night sleep. i was the stressed one!

see, she could even tease! well, it’s been a week since the surgery and i was prettay sure the wounds were all dried up and doing great. we were back at the hospital this morning for a change of the dressing pads and a follow-up. a good blogger i tried to be, the camera was brought along to snap snap snap while she was snip snip snip! and guess what?

see the sutures? i didn’t know it was done in three different areas. really! hubby was helping the attending doctor to hold up her arm, while i went clicking, more concerned of the pictures to snap! while the doctor was cleaning up the sutures, hubby was shocked to see three of ’em. ’cause from what i know, the surgeon told me there would be two surgery areas. hmm. vhatever! so long as my daughter could recover and regain her mobility. yes, i am THAT easy. i don’t bear grudges or get unnecessarily pissed at something.

she was doing well throughout the check-up (with an initial full blown scream, which died out once candies were offered by the nurse). i thought we could do something to reward her for being brave. after all, she’s my miracle little fighter who fought her way out too early and made everyone worried sick!

we brought her to sembawang park.

it had been a while since i came here. the last hubby and i got here was before we were married. *chuckling* dating, lah!

to those who don’t know, there’s a beach here! but i don’t reckon any of you to swim there. it’s very close to the wharf, vessel oil may be leaking and you’ll be greasy if you aren’t careful. but this wonderful, tranquil and serene park is perfect for a lazy day or a hangout with friends and family and especially picnics! aaaaaaannnd…it’s close to our home. just a few drives away 🙂

it was terribly hot! we were blessed that the park was not crowded, being a weekday, how could it be? everyone’s at work and school. so we found a huge tree for a shade. it was so much better cause 1) it’s not there just to shade us; 2) we found some a lot of seeds and 3) Fateha had some science exposure, after which she took the seeds from me and buried them in the sand with her foot! who taught her that???

but the weather took a toll on us. we were sweating like pigs! and this girl should not sweat while wearing that splint. she’d be itching away.

we retreated to somewhere closer too, with air-conditioner full to the brim. i is a candle princess (puteri lilin), y’all. i will melt!

Sembawang Shopping Centre

WOIH!!! i didn’t realise that it has become a very long entry. i’m off to an abrupt halt!



a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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