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midnight owl

Back when I was waaaay younger – wait! You thought I am young? Haha. Well thanks but I’m old and am 3tothedamn0 – I would still be wide awake at this hour.

Right now, it’s already 2am.

So what did the younger me do at 2am? She would be busy chatting away to guys and gals (mostly guys #SPG alert!!) thousands of miles away. Yea…she didn’t like chatting with singaporean guys cause of numerous heart breaking moments.

She got engrossed and too involved with the chatting that she would always overlooked the time. Once she thought that it was time for bed, it was already 5.30am. And 30 minutes later, her mom would wake her up to get ready for work.

This went on and on (and most of the time she dozed off at work due to lack of sleep!) for years till one day one guy knocked her off her feet and proposed to her one and a half year later. That’s when she stopped her part time work as a midnight owl.

~4 years after marriage~

I’m still wide awake. (Time check: 2:20am) No no no! I’m not into chatting anymore. Just that I can’t sleep. I was crying for 1 straight hour when I was on bed.

Why? Don’t be a curious cat please. I’m not gonna hang a dirty laundry here.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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