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the topless one-arm girl

“what are ya looking at? i’m trying to make myself entertained.”

*please excuse that hairy leg that you see on the green couch.*

i don’t purposely put her topless. you see, that splint she has on her right arm, apparently makes it so difficult to get a sleeve through. just look at that. uncomfortable, yes? there’s nothing much i can do about it. she has to, in order to get her arm corrected.

it has been two weeks, today, since her surgery. things look a-okay to me because she has not complain much. only a slight itch that irritates her. and it irritates me as well. i can’t make out what or where the itch is or how itchy it gets. and to top it all off, there isn’t any itch medication prescribed for her. only painkillers, which she dislikes! i tell you, she can chew and chomp any tablets you give her but will wail out loud, as though someone tries to hang her upside down, if you try to give her ANY syrup medication. *shakes head*

initially, before she had the surgery, i told hubby (and everyone else i needed to) that i would not be bringing her outdoors if she had to don the ugly splint. i would very much want to avoid stares from the public. don’t you just hate it when people keep asking “why is she wearing this?” “what happened to her?” yea these maybe only 2 questions but try to think of these being asked hundreds of times in a day. simply annoying!

but there are things that make us step outside from the comforts of our home:
1) that trip to JB, to collect AVON items ordered by my regular customers;
2) follow-up / check-up at the hospital;
3) to the shops (not yet, lol)

i had this thought that whenever someone comes up to us and ask what’s wrong, i needed to tell them this:
“oh you know, it is a birth injury lah. she got her nerves ruptured during birth, ya. what? why? oh you see, she was born at 26 weeks…yaaarr premature!… and then in breech position so she got her head stucked down there so the doctors had to pull her right arm lah since it was already out. what? oh you see, they pulled so hard that’s why her nerves got ruptured. ya…then since then we’ve been doing therapy on her, every month had to go hospital, you know, a hassle right? ya…then we didn’t see much improvement lah. why? because her nerves were ruptured and she couldn’t move her arm like we normally would.. ya…and then -“

i’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want me to take you back where it all began because it’s gonna be a very long story. lucky, the husband has an idea that worked the whole time, since he started using it. to cut the long story short, we’d stick to – “oh she had a fall at school.”

guess what? it really worked. and those people whom we told that line to, didn’t ask much further. just a casual “oh take care, dear. everything’s gonna be ok.” how it saves our breath! hahah.

and that second picture, the husband wrote “apa tengok? (what are you looking at?)” in case the sight of the splint invites stares.

what else can we add? any creative warnings, anyone?


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