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who’s your aider?

bathing should be pleasant. at least for the one who is bathing or being bathed.

since her surgery and returning home from the hospital, bathing is what i would PREFER not doing. i choose to wipe her with damp cloth and most of the time, while changing her diaper, i get her to stand leaning against the wall and let the water run on the thighs, left side of her body and left arm. when the doctor changed the dressing, we were already told that she could bathe as per normal. PROVIDED, someone else is around to hold her right arm up once the splint is removed (temporarily – while bathing, of course).

how taxing is that? two to bathe one, while holding one arm up? but for the sake of our precious one, we went for it. it was only when the husband was around that i really bathed her. he would be the one to tire his muscles by holding the arm during and after bath time. as for me, i’d get to enjoy water play with the little girl 😀

left: after bath, see how daddy has to hold the arm (w/o splint). right: wound on shoulder looks good now.

she has three incisions but only the one on her shoulder looks quite dried up and pretty. the other two, i’d rather not show them here. still a little sore-ish. and since i mentioned it earlier, all the husband did was to be the arm-holder. being a first aider (yes, something you don’t know :D), i have to be the one to patch up the wounds with cotton pads, bind the shoulder with a bandage and fit the splint back on her.

i’m all ready!!!

because her daddy is a kitten and mommy is a tiger 😀

p/s: now that you know i am a first-aider, please refrain from calling me to rescue you. call 999 or whatever the number is in your area!


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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