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it’s a baby girl

this little bundle of joy is not mine.

i visited my best friend and her tiny 2.68kg baby at a private hospital yesterday. little nur insyirah, the baby, happened to be our second youngling. the first being fateha, of course.

maza and baby

baby insyirah

there is one thing that i absolutely love about babies; their simple yet meaningful names. i am not into long names and especially with no meanings at all. i think being a preschool teacher, i have seen kids with long names facing difficulties in writing them down and the other struggle is to remember their names as a whole. letter by letter. i really pity them.

my advice: if you really want to name your child with 3-4 stylo mylo names, you gotta teach him/her to learn to write before he/she starts school. really.

and as muslims, it’s more afdhal and blessed to start names with a “Nur” for girls and “Muhammad” for boys. i love simplicity; that’s why i named my darling Noor Fateha (Light of the Beginning).

The Fab5 and new FabBaby. we’re missing one member who couldn’t make it.

so now two of us are already mothers, i’m waiting for the other three to make their turn in getting pregged up! and i hope to make the number of FabBaby growing more and more. and lots more. heheh. i just love babies. and who doesn’t, eh? only silly people don’t like ’em.

to maza and yan, congratulations on becoming new parents of that cute little babe.

and to my husband…

how about a second one, huh? this time i’ll make sure it’ll be full term and healthy, insya Allah!


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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