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Purple Day

no it’s not an obsession about Barney.

yesterday was Purple Day. and to show my utmost and sincere support for children with Epilepsy, i wore purple to johor bahru yesterday. my dear friend Kirsty, over at Gone Bananas, had already a post for everyone to read and learn about epilepsy. and most excitingly, to take picture with anything purple! i promised her that i would be taking part in this awareness.

so weeks before, i thought i should be doing something very funny or creative, cos that was what Kirsty suggested, while wearing purple and to get a picture taken. i was in school one week, of course in purple, trying to find other things that were purple so that i could do a funny pose or something that tell a story.

i was excited and had a fantastic drive to do this when i found many things in school that were purple: child-size balancing beam, water bottle, a shopping bag, a basket, hula hoop, an apron, a big gym ball. could you imagine what went through my head when i saw all these purple-y thingamabobs?

i went crazy till i couldn’t make up my mind!

then it struck me that it must come from the heart, if i really were to do this and show my sincerest support to Meghan. oh by the way, i forgotten. Meghan is Kirsty’s daughter and she has Epilepsy. be nice, people!

so as i have written above, i finally wore purple on the actual day, without all those things i found at school.

wearing my favourite ZARA shawl in…PURPLE.

Happy Epilepsy Awareness Day, dear Meg-a-moo (err that’s what her mom calls her LOL)


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

2 thoughts on “Purple Day

  1. You look gorgeous in purple! Thanks for supporting epilepsy awareness! Remember its what bonded us as mothers and how we became friends! Don’t forget to link up! xxx

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