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…and 6 weeks later

we were scheduled for an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon, today.

feeling jittery already…

surgeon came, smiled, greeted the little one and asked, “wanna remove this (splint) today?” what came out of her mouth cracked me up. “no.” she answered and shook her head. of course, i didn’t believe her every word. she WANTED it to be removed so badly but was scared of the pain that she might be put through.

we were brought to the procedure room and were instructed by the surgeon to get the splint off her. that easy! i thought it could have been done at home since the removal was done by me. and definitely FREE. and as usual, it involved screaming and crying and we shut her up with a candy. nom nom nom.

first stretching and flexing with the OT

her first occupational therapy after the surgery went quite smooth, she was cooperative. but was still cringing in pain. she had to do a number of reach-ups and looked pretty okay. i didn’t see the difference but the surgeon noticed that she was able to open up her arm outwards.

at the doctor’s seat…i could be a nice doctor

the next follow up of occupational therapy will be in a week. we opted for a weekend session and we got it. in the mean time, we gotta work on that arm and newly stretched muscles. the way her left arm looks right now scares me. it’s building biceps already!!


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