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they belong together

they are an absolutely gorgeous couple. don’t you agree?

i didn’t really remember their wedding date and anyhow said that it was sunday, a week before the actual date. both my mom and brother corrected me and from then on, i marked april 29 in my brain so i wouldn’t miss it.

i was at work on that day and during my break (and toilet sneak-ins) i checked my twitter and the tweeples were talking all about the wedding. it got me restless on the toilet seat, i tell ya. i never wanted to miss it for anything in the world and it was only 3pm. only when some reliable source told me that the solemnization would not take place till 5.30pm, i knew i had to do something.

when the clock struck 5 and the last student of mine was picked up, i locked up the door, grabbed my bag and signed out. picked up Fateha from the caregiver’s and rushed down the stairs. God knows how many times i felt like falling down the stairs and breaking into pieces.

while on the stairs, i contemplated on the idea of taking a bus home or a cab. i badly wanted to watch so how could i take the bus and scolded myself for being stupid. cab it was!

with Fateha in my arms, i ran into the lift and out of it like either Tom or Jerry with flames on their tails. hubby greeted me at the door and i shoved Fateha into his arms and yelled, “i wanna watch will and kate’s wedding!!!”

without even changing into homely attire, i sat on the sofa and switched the channels and my heart was ready to jump out of my ribcage if they were already solemnized. and this greeted me…

my fingers started tweeting about the dress and how i almost “died” while in a hurry to catch this history in the making. hubby kept reminding me to get washed up and change, and enjoy the rest of the wedding but as stubborn as a taurus should be, i remained stucked to the sofa. eating a donut.

man, was i glad i didn’t miss anything much? i was in awe watching both kate and will and how envious i felt. yet another middle-class-but-still-a-commoner girl got picked by a prince. fairy tale, much?

she’s so lucky…and pretty of course. 

why, will…why? *sobs uncontrollably*

oh where was i? ack, i’m just glad that i got a chance to watch the stunning couple and would gladly share my enthusiasm with my daughter (and my other kids, should i have another one…or two) next time when they’re big enough. i would recall the history with much pleasure, and glasses on the bridge of my nose with a history book. or at least the one about will’s wedding.

so mom, will i ever get lucky and marry a prince? or at least a Preemie Prince would be alright.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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