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routines overestimated

this little preemie is adapting very well to her daily routines. she is also showing slow but good improvement. she is always asking us to walk her every step of our way, without feeling tired at all! it’s always us (me and hubby) who get tired and beat all the time.

our (Rhu)scapade at Cape of Rhu (Tanjung Rhu). if i’m not mistaken, “rhu” is a kind of tree. (??)

normally, after i pick her up from the babysitter’s, we’d walk from the shelter towards our apartment lift. upon reaching our floor – 14th storey- we’d still walk from the lift to our doorstep. see, she is eager to walk though not independently and still needs me to hold her hand…but, come on lah, can you see her determination here? she does not like to be carried! if i’m not in a rush, i’d walk her from yishun to sembawang. definitely!

so what happened today was, once we reached inside, she remembered what she was needed to do. to remove her shoes. she leaned against the storeroom door, i randomly asked her.

me: Fateha, what must you do?
her: –kak chu.. (bukak shoe or remove shoes)
me: good!

and left her there while i went into the living room to switch on the lights. at the same time, reminding her to stand properly. just as i turned and flicked the switch, i heard a loud thud. to my horror (ceh! like english composition!), she fell forward and hit her head on the floor.

DARN! i felt so guilty! i overestimated my little preemie…tsk…

can see the red spot on her right temple? tsk, kesian betol ah anak aku. salah aku jugak lah!

cried wailed and screamed did she and how can i scold her…right? so i let her clear out her lungs. all the soothing and cooing and kissing and pinching her butt (heheh) managed to stop her crying buckets. she hugged me oh so tight and i fuuhh fuuhh fuuhh on her temple and she was a-okay!


aaaaaand she’s back to normal once she got her apple juice in her Barney cup. yay, that’s my daughter!

and…..err….i’m sorry??


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

One thought on “routines overestimated

  1. she is so adorable tau! cantik and so sweet. suka tengok muka dia. sian nyer jatuh, but don’t feel so bad. there will be more falls in the future. macam my youngest, very adventurous, she was like berapa bulan gitu eh, dah pandai jalan and all, and she got up this chair. jatuh and the back of her head kena bucu meja, so got a cut. had to bring her to the clinic pakai superglue 🙂

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