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a year older makes me wiser

i can’t believe i just turned 30. today. wouldn’t it be great  if i could stay the same as the photo of me up here? no no! i don’t mean that young. i don’t like being underage. heheh. i wish i am still that cute.

funny thing was, since midnight, wishes and greetings poured in. even till now, at night. i got most of them from facebook, some on twitter and text messages. i think turning 30 is really something because i have NEVER feel this special. ever!

anyway, as we turn older each year, we should gain some wisdom and be a little more wiser. and i really think i have. just days before, i was hit by something that could be categorized as a catastrophe. i fell but got back up on my feet and pushed it all aside.

hey, i was able to do this three years ago and i most DEFINITELY can do it again! but i still pray for…no more, just no more heartbreak moments.

happy 30th to me.

*pours confetti*

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  1. May 19, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    Happy Birthday to a wonderful, wise and strong friend! xx

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