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a day in an eipic class

early intervention program for infant & children – eipic, that’s the name of the program that fateha attends in her school.

last friday, pcf (you know what’s that!) island-wide were closed for a convention. lucky teachers were selected to attend it and i was an unlucky one. i had to stay at home. oh, how wasted i felt. bahaha.

i took that little opportunity to send fateha to school, since her OT was scheduled on every friday. i brought along my camera to tape whatever therapy/stretches/exercise they would be doing on her. easy, i didn’t wanna squeeze my brain juices to recall what was taught. it’s not everyday that i send her to school, you know. it’s hard being a working mom.

but too bad, her therapist didn’t come.

music therapy

hey! no staring at ma butt!                                          weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

oh boy, once she started on that soft spongy slide,  she couldn’t stop!

“buuuuuuuu!” she freaked out when i “throw” her in the pool of balls.

there wasn’t much that happened that day. i felt sleepy. the last half hour, or so, was…er…okay. she played a bowling game with her teacher and three of her other special friends. little did i know that she had a new classmate, till i saw her that day. let me give a description of my little girl and her pals.

J: the kau-punya-pasal-lah-buat-apa-kau-nak girl
A: the aku-nye-turn-eh boy
L: the aku-nak-jugak-aku-nak-jugak girl
Fateha: the nak-amek-amek-ah girl

i’m not stereotyping the kids. just what i thought through my observation. heheh. (even on my off day i couldn’t stop being a teacher 😦 )


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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