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somewhat (not) related

just a week ago we (my colleagues and me) attended an appreciation dinner hosted by our new minister, Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim. it was a dinner for all who were involved in the polling.

i remembered…weeks before the polling day, as we were preparing for the event, my senior principal was continuously teasing me; for my name was somewhat similar to our minister’s. Faizah – Faishal. and i concluded that he could have been my long lost elder brother. bwah hah hah! that joke still stuck till today.

every meeting or anything related to our minister, my senior principal would go, “your brother, lah!”

~~a note to Dr Faishal: if you ever stumbled upon my blog and this post especially, please accept my sincere apology~~ 

i didn’t intend to smile that way, i didn’t know the photographer was clicking!

just some of us teachers (not all attended) and our new boss! the one in red is our branch administrator.

i have not seen any minister who was as sporting and fun as Dr Faishal. not that none of our government ministers were fun. i was just saying of those whom i worked for (2 of ’em, previously). and my “brother” happened to be the third one. he’s young, compared to the last two. a plus point, eh?

he sang 2 Hokkien songs, at everyone’s (excluding us) request. and he joined the “procession” dance, upon request too, and led the team around the restaurant till the emcee was done with his singing.

let’s talk about the dinner itself. the food was not really tasty. i came for the free flow of drink and the usual bowl of tom yam soup. only these two excite me! there was a dish of steam fish, with some slices of chilli, onion and sticky sauce. i didn’t touch it. the chicken wasn’t cooked properly, either. and there were other whatnots.

wonder why our ex-mp chose this restaurant, year after year. hope Dr Faishal will choose a different one next time. i had enough of their bland food!

oh! Dr Faishal also thanked and shook hands with every guest (i mean, EVERY) at the entrance, once the dinner ended. i took my chances and asked him for a photo! well, as you can see, i wasn’t the only one, okay? with my colleagues, so i wouldn’t feel awkward :p

till the next din din. at, hopefully, a different and better restaurant!


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2 thoughts on “somewhat (not) related

  1. Thanks for sharing the experience. I enjoyed the session and am happy that my guests had a good time.

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