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the honeymooners

so we were back from our recent trip to KL last thursday. i was surprised that we managed to pack up and cleaned out the travel bags just within 2 days. normally, i’d take longer than that!!!

day 1

’twas our second time residing in this hotel, Melia Kuala Lumpur, and this time, we asked for a higher floor with a view, if possible. unlike the previous stay, we were given the seventh floor. so happy!!! and the view…hmm… okay lah, we got the room that faced Berjaya Times Square (BTS). not bad!

and this was one of the main purposes that hubby wanted to go to KL. to watch movies…well, with me! we didn’t get the premiere theater like we used to. our first flick – Pirates of The Caribbean. loved it! did you guys leave during the credits? or you stayed behind till the whole thing ended? i hope you stayed *winks*

day 2

i couldn’t wait to put on this shawl i bought at BTS. it was so stretchy and cool that i took it right out from the shopping bag and started ironing. yes! i was THAT desperate. it wasn’t like i didn’t bring any hijabs and shawls. *rolls eyes* but hubby didn’t mind 🙂

it was our virgin visit to Dataran Merdeka. weather = super hot!


my second visit here at Tugu Negara. my first was when i was 12, in my glorious ohrbitness! weather = cloudy but hot! initially we wanted to head to the National Museum but lo and behold, the inefficiency of the public transport and all the roadworks blocking each nook and cranny made us u-turn to Central Market. there, (i gotta admit) i lost myself, i mean literally. everywhere i turned there’d be mobile carts selling shawls and hijabs. how could i resist!!! luckily i was able to control my eyes in searching for more so i bought 2 only.

we headed back to BTS and got another pair of movie tickets. this time it was Kungfu Panda 2. and spent the rest of the night (before the clock struck 12) at Starbucks, enjoying the ice-blended and free wifi. weeeeeeeeee!!!

day 3

KLCC was our destination but first stop – Aquaria! it was pretty much like our Sentosa’s Underwater World, but they had other critters as well, not just fishes. pretty crowded, with screaming kids everywhere and also students who came for a field trip. it was like the whole school went there! and from the way they behaved, boy, i’d reckon some strict counseling for them.

but whatever it was, we enjoyed our trip there!

it was raining that evening. i think the universe was also feeling sad that we would be leaving the next morning. so it gave us a cool night to chill and what else was nice than to hang around at Starbucks (again)!

day 4

ready to go home!!

spent so much on hijabs and shawls that i felt it was never enough at each purchase. i had to get more and more. bad bad me! but i was lucky that hubby was never restricting me whenever i wanted to get them. as long as they were not too expensive.

oh by the way, did you notice that we left a particular someone behind? teeheeeeee.


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