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Maher Zain in Singapore

ya allah! macam nak tercabut jantung ni bila nampak maher zain atas stage.

what can i say? we were not among the front row crowd. but who cares?! we watched maher zain, ok?

sucha talented singer he was. and i melt every time he spoke to us, the crowd, because this guy was quite a joker! when the crowd requested him to sing Insya Allah, he said “of course, of course…insya allah, when i return to singapore the next time.” ROFL! but of course, it wasn’t his only joke.

and never forget to get some memorabilia for keepsake. i can almost imagine myself coming home everyday and standing in front of the display cabinet, staring at this mug for a good 5 minutes.

so the next time maher zain coming back here, i’ll definitely drag hubby and Fateha along. she loves him too! this little girl will listen to his songs on repeat mode. i think she takes after me. *chuckles*

and we’re gonna get the front seats! oh i’m so gonna get ’em!!!


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