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awarding rewards

i am trying my level best to get her developments working normally. though it’s not very easy but it’s definitely not impossible to do.

and as a preschool educator that i am, rewarding my kids is always a practice. be it  with a chop from a self-inking stamp or a much needed praise, they WILL get it when they really deserve it.

i thought to myself for a long time. why am i not practicing what i do daily at work, at home? after all, i’m nurturing and educating little people and Fateha shouldn’t be excluded. so i decide to reward her for every good deed or performing her daily routines well.

you see, in my classroom (in a personal storage) i own a box (the kind we get when we buy rims of A4 paper) billions of stickers. some in booklet form and others are…the loose kinds. some of them were bought at the monthly pasar malam because they were damn cheap. and others were given to me by darling students. yes! teacher gets rewarded by kids too.

i made a booklet specially for rewarding her in areas that she BADLY needs to improve:~
– walking without tiptoeing
– standing without support (for 10 seconds)
– finish up food/meal
– talking nicely without screaming
– listening to ayah and ibu (err…parents)

and everyday ever since i prepared the book, she has been very excited in getting the stickers for the parts that she has done well. and everytime she walks with a tiptoe, i’ll go “see you’re tiptoeing again…i’m not going to give a sticker for that!” to my surprise it really worked on her.

i’m trying not to give her rewards daily. but sometimes, like all mothers do, i feel so bad and will anyhow stick one for her.



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