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seeking simplicity

today WAS the day we signed the papers and went through the solemnization to be husband and wife.

i still couldn’t believe we have just stepped into our 4th year in marriage, today. it’s not a big number but when you count by the days, we have spent 1460 days together! O_O

so instead of the usual commemorative dinner that we had for the past three years, this time we opted for a lunch. i took leave today to bring Fateha to the hospital for a follow up in the morning (everything’s a-okay!) and Hubby just got back from his night shift. poor him that he had to be dragged along to the hospital. i knew he was tired but…he had to. like all good daddies should.

we initially craved for a buffet at Sakura but changed it to Seoul Garden at a very last minute. nah, we didn’t choose any posh eatery. it wouldn’t go well with our simple lifestyle. and we knew, eating at Seoul Garden would end us in going straight back home. the smoke from the sizzling hot plate would make us smell and taking a walk around a mall (or somewhere) would be a bad idea.

like all beef lovers, i ate lots of beef. well, i’m a Taurus, what more can i say, huh? we picked other things too like seafood. mussels, prawns and little octopuses. ewww, i didn’t like the way the octopuses “moved” and curled up at their tentacles when hubby placed them on the hot plate. i didn’t eat any. if they had cuttlefish, i’d grab a handful!

quite unusual, i find, that eating ice cream with a spoonful of milo cereal. that was mine, of course. and i love unusual-ness!

thanks Ayah, for treating us with a superbly-full-to-the-brim lunch! and happy 4th to you, Hubby…..and please keep my request close to your heart. i want it to happen. thanks, love!


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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