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so very random

starting with the most recent,

watched Captain America with hubby last night. i bunked the little girl at the babysitter’s and hubby picked me up at work, headed straight to the mall. tickets were booked at lunch time while i was at work; to make things easier for us. i didn’t wanna queue to choose the time slot and seats. it’s been a looooooooong time since i queued.

to be honest, this was the part that made me choose to watch the flick. yes, honestly! aiyoooo please tell me lah if there are/were any ladies who didn’t look forward to the bare-chested-Chris-Evans. but i enjoyed the whole movie, of course, with hubby by the side. seriously, after watching this, i saw “Chris Evans” on hubby’s face. and last night, i dreamt of going on a date with Captain America aka Chris Evans.

when we reached our lift lobby, at home, hubby decided to check the mails and i was shocked to see him taking a parcel out of the mailbox. he looked at me and mumbled something that i couldn’t make out because i was trying very hard recalling what i ordered. online shopping, the dEvil!

he was approaching me while reading what was written on the package. at the mention of “Kirsten”, i knew it wasn’t my online shopping order! (and by the way, i haven’t been shopping online…for 3 weeks  now. i’m clean!)

from a friend all the way in Florida (cool place, huh). it was so sweet of her to get us a replacement of our initial xmas present, which wasn’t sent. something must have gone wrong.

the uber cutie patootie gift she got for Fateha. the card tricked me cause i thought if i did what was written on it, i’d see something cool. but alas, there was nothing. when i opened it, it said, “that was me, waving!” LOL that was cute!! Thank you Kirsten, Meg and Erich!!


and on to something that’s not so recent,

about two weeks ago, Fateha was the only one from her class selected to watch The Rainbow Fish Musical at LaSalle College of Arts. aaaand, guess who got to follow her??? a free entry for one parent or caregiver so i went!!! it was very cute.

photos or videos weren’t allowed when the play was on but we were given a chance to snap some at the end of the show. we were also lucky to be seating on the first row cause the characters came and stood right in front of us to say hello and took pictures.

the little red fish was looking right at me while i snapped a picture of her. and such a nice actress she was, she said “thank you” to me. cool or what?

and i got Fateha a little present,

Rainbow Fish and The Big Blue Whale. it’s still in my bag. gotta start reading it soon to her.


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