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the warmth of her love

very warm, i should say. she felt feverish (not a full blown fever yet) today…

plus an irritation on her right eye. so far, she doesn’t rub it that much even though it was quite painful. but it has become reddish. surprisingly, putting on eye drops does not scare her. *claps happily* instead she hates the fever patch. a few times she tries to remove it and tells me, “ibu, da (done)!” but i continue to press it on her forehead. in the end, she gives up trying. teehee.

one good thing is, no matter how warm her body is, she manages to pull a smile and plonks a kiss on both my cheeks. it’s these little things that make me glad i’m a mom. her mom, especially. and to top it all off, she presented something to me a little earlier (before she puts on the patch). she came and kept calling me while i was busy…err…tweeting keeping to myself. when i answered her, she sang to me!!!

i went jelly all the way and kept getting her to repeat so i could record it on video. oh boy, was she an obliging little one. here’s the clip 🙂

those who are not sure what she sang, it’s actually a malay song titled, “Ibu (Mommy)”. and for the benefits of my non-malay readers, here’s a translation of the song.

ibu, ibu engkaulah ratu hatiku (mommy, mommy you are the queen of my heart)
bila ku berduka, engkau hiburkan selalu (whenever i am sad, you always cheer me up)
ibu, ibu engkaulah ratu hatiku (mommy, mommy you are the queen of my heart)

doesn’t it make you melt uncontrollaby if your child sing this for you? at her age! i have to admit that it was so awesome. ok i’d better go and bask in the this bliss.


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