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when an extra day off is given…

i made myself slightly more useful than i usually am. as you all know (or don’t) Taurus works hard but sleeps harder!

i swept the floor, folded a little bit of the mountainous pile of laundry which of course will be tended to after this and cleaned the kitchen. but the highlight of today were not all that i mentioned.

i made mango bean curd pudding aka dadih!

i got mom to buy a packet of the pudding powder for me, err, i think months ago. only now i’ve decided to get them out and straight into the moulds. you see, long ago, i made a grape bean curd pudding and hubby loved it! then i bought some more and more but with little time in hand, they were left neglected in the cabinets. and when i got the time to make a batch, they were already expired. too bad!

and since today’s my off day, into the kitchen i went and made some.

i need to emphasized that i am NO expert. i made the puddings out of these. with instructions written at the back of the package. haha. and don’t forget, Dairy Champ! got 2 tins of these evaporated creamer from johor bahru.

since i have made these a few time before, i didn’t have to refer each step from the pack. and i do not need to type out how to make ’em cause when you buy a pack, the method is there for you. so, if you wanna have bean curd pudding of many kinds of fruit flavour, go buy them!

and i only boiled half a pack, you know. not the whole thing cause i don’t have a big pot that can fit 3000ml of water. so half a pack of this, fit into 20 little moulds. and one whole pack will give me 40 moulds. well, it depends on the size of the moulds you would like to have.

i’m so gonna have them as desserts for breaking fast later.



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