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Iftar with The Boys

breaking fast with friends has always been nice and it’s also a good time to catch up with each other on matters that were missed. i have yet to plan for a day to iftar with my friends but last night, i had one with hubby’s friends. it was a sombre event, unfortunately.

the restaurant that was booked was at Tepak Sireh (used to be The Yellow Mansion), next to what used to be the only palace of Singapore’s Sultan eons ago which was now turned into Malay Heritage Centre.

at the Sultan’s Gate. we were waiting for the rest of hubby’s friends here.

the silhouette of ..erm.. what dome is this???

after we waited for quite some time, turned out to be only 4 guys who came. (excluding me and Fateha). heard from hubby that 20 seats were booked. sad.

mine and hubby’s.

the boys and a little girl

while at the table, the boys talked while consuming the delicacies on their plates. catching up on latest news and shared some pathetic incidents and jokes. Fateha and i were also busy at the other end of the table. we were busy eating! lol! being at the same table, i couldn’t help myself but to listen, acknowledged and shared a bit of my views with them too. that night had seen the least number of Team Cempera boys; compared to previous years.

i so sad. it’s not fun being the only adult female around and not having the other girlfriends or wives to chat with. i was BORED!

but whatever it was, i was happy that i could accompany hubby attending the once a year iftar event with his boys. yes, whether i had to be alone without the other girls or not, i’d still go if hubby’s going.


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