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dinosaurs in my living room

it already attracted me and tugged my heartstrings when its news came out in the papers a few months ago. oh anyway, i should have called it aquasaurs. it was said that these triops are prehistorical creatures!

move away, cyclops! triops are tops!

i didn’t purposely get them. initially, my trip (alone) to SSC this morning was to get some items for my students and some groceries. but when i saw Pet Lovers Centre, i knew i had to find The Box.

yes, this box to be exact! wasting time i did not. i got it after pacing the store to and fro, and got some info from the sales personnel. read and read and read the manual i did, just to make sure that it’d successful later on. i wanna grow my own triops!

to grow them, only use distilled or spring water. tap water contains chlorine, which can kill these little babies. the box has a complete set of  plastic container, the dry eggs, a plastic tube (for sucking dirts), magnifying sheet, plastic spoon, triops food, a thermometer strip and a manual.

the temperature needs to be between 22 – 29 deg, lower or higher than that will not get them to hatch. if you can see, my bowl of distilled water is at 28 deg. the little eggs also need lighting for at least 12 hours, so i’ll be placing them next to a small lamp by my bedside.

so at Day 0, my little monsters are still eggs, which i can’t really see. i will change them into a bigger fish tank if they really hatch and turn into beautiful triops.  *can hardly wait!*

  1. olaf
    May 8, 2014 at 10:07 am

    its not easy, but i had some using water from the fish tank, cheers and Om

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