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full to the brim

afternoon yesterday, we celebrated hubby’s birthday.

had a wonderful lunch together at Fish & Co. at Parkway Parade. i loved seafood and the pan of fish and chips was beckoning me to order it! and so i did. the husband too.

i was fooled by the pictures in the menu. i didn’t expect the fish to be so big! i tell ya, that one piece of fish was as long as half of my arm. being a small eater that i am/was, that only one delicious and scrumptious fish was devoured; at only a quarter. i was guilty at ordering a pan! i should’ve gotten the seafood platter for two! to my surprise, hubby didn’t finish his as well. it was quite rare for me to hear him saying it was too much for him to take.

the fried calamari was delicious (“,) and crispy too!!! i would come back for more of it. there’s an outlet nearby our home. i could go there just to order a takeaway of these sotongs!

~~and later that evening~~

since it was also Teacher’s Day, we had a dinner together with our MP/Chairman, Prof Md Faishal, at Sakura International Buffet. yet another session of filling the tiny (half full) stomach like nobody’s business. i tried to refrain from eating too much because i was already satiated from the birthday lunch.

i took a dish with a variety of sushi. looking at my other colleagues eating fried rice, noodles, laksa, satay and blah blah blah made me nauseous! i settled for the sushi only and i was pretty satisfied. oh not forgetting some slices of guava with dashes of plum powder. ooooohhh yummmm!

the next *disgusting* thing they ate was durian paste. i swear i almost clipped my nose with the numbered pegs on the table. i was surrounded by a sea of durian lovers! wrong choice of seat i took 😦 it’s weird though because i used to love eating durians. the fateful day that turned me into a hater was when my dad bought 4 big baskets of ’em. i was elated initially, having the “king” at home for some devilish devouring. so when i took a piss *sorry*, the awful stench knocked me off my senses. i hated the smell because i burst into a migraine party!

aaaaaand, Dr Faishal, who sat opposite of me, also happened to be a durian lover. he even showed us how to eat the paste in a sinfully delicious manner.

he ate it with 2 pieces of clumped rice, which was supposed to be eaten with fried tofu skin. there’s a malay delicacy called serawa, eaten with glutinous rice. i have never tried it. and will NOT, evah!

Prof handing the gift to me…

and lastly, what’s a Teacher’s Day without a gift? although it wasn’t from him (bought by our administrator), receiving that bundle from Prof was definitely the highlight of the event. as i got up to him, his message to me was, “Make more babies, ok.”

uhmmm…i will, sir. how about better benefits and more childcare leaves in return?



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3 thoughts on “full to the brim

  1. WOW, most places the picture shows the food being big but the servings super small! happy bday to your hubby! and kudos for being a preschool teacher πŸ™‚ you build the future for the little ones! πŸ™‚

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