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on the 5th day of Raya

Fateha decided to take photographs all by herself.

she has been practicing, really. pretty obvious, ain’t it?

anyway, we continued our raya visiting with hubby’s family’s side. we gatecrashed homes of hubby’s uncles mostly and another relative, at the very end.

at every house we went, almost everyone noticed the little girl’s friendliness and seeking attention. she had some chit chatting with some relatives, grand aunts and uncles, and not to forget, showcasing her antics!

with hubby’s cousin, whom she called Uncle Baby (cause he’s only 8). she was always looking forward to sit next to him and touch his hand to have a small talk O_O. Uncle Baby, of course, obligingly responded to her. he didn’t mind Fateha calling him Uncle…cause…he is! LOL! they enjoyed being together with their newly found friendship of an uncle to a niece. how sweet!

aaannnnnd, it was at this Uncle Baby’s house that Fateha spoiled the camera. i was about to take a picture of us at Uncle Baby’s mom’s little garden when i realised the camera couldn’t be switched on. the lens was stucked and there was a soft screeching sound. and thanks to the little girl, i got scolded for letting her polish her photography skills.

time to buy a new camera, i know. DSLR, maybe?


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