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training begins

being in the education sector where i…educate (duh!) preschoolers, occasionally i get annoyed or upset when i have students who can’t read simple sight words or worst still, the letters of the alphabet. when this thing happens, i blame the parents! most teachers do too. really.

so not wanting myself and Fateha to be caught in the same situation, i have started training her recently. at 3 (and turning 4 in about 2 months), i think i’m slightly late in exposing her in simple penmanship and recognizing letters. yes. i admit that! i have been too busy educating others’ kids. *shakes head in disbelief*

messy, yes! but i think it’s a good start. anyway, this was how i started my first penmanship *blush*. oh yea, to parents of kids who are between 3-4 years old and have not started training your kids, simple lines and strokes are the best for starters. and then moving on to complex ones like curls and swirls once your kids get better. then lower case letters. then upper case letters. then words. then sentences. oh well, you should know that already.

she’s quite good in rote counting from 1-10; occasionally adding 14 in between because we live on the 14th floor. yes, really. her ABCs too, jumbled up somewhere. i’m quite ashamed to call myself a preschool teacher because of the constant neglect i have when it comes to teach her. i’ve bought flash cards of numbers and alphabet but have not the time to sit down with her and work on her recognition.

if you think it’s still too early, i say no. it’s easier to teach a child in his/her first 5 years ’cause they’ll absorb faster. and seeing Fateha beginning to recognise some colors (esp blue because Thomas the Tank Engine is blue) i know that it’s not gonna be SO tough to work her brain.

but the time i have at home is usually spent by resting! teaching during the day is a very tiring thing and can do serious damage if it continues till at night. (that’s just my own theory) when at home, i just wanna rest and relax and spend time with her playing and watching Thomas. ’cause that’s her current obsession. sometimes she asks for Barney.

oh well, i’ll let Barney do the teaching.


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