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it’s burgundy, y’all

i went to The Verge at Tekka last week to get the stuff i need for the kids’ concert item. apart from wanting to get hold of the more important items, i also wanted to get something that have always been an obsession. to me.

what are these? yessss, so clever. henna cones!

especially when i was asked by a dear, dear friend of mine to be a part of her engagement henna party. ermm, not to party-till-i-die but to do henna for her 15 friends. i almost fainted upon hearing that cos that’s a large number for 1 person to do!! but i accepted her invitation and did the henna.

anyway, i got myself three cones (cos one is never enough for me). 2 of them were the ones i normally buy: shama dulhan henna. and one, of a smaller cone, was something i have never used or even heard of. it cost a little bit more than shama dulhan’s but who cares! especially when the lady told me that the color would be burgundy! now that’s not the color we normally get out of henna.

it took me four days before i decided to sling the burgundy henna on my hand. i used Neeta Sharma’s intricate designs (me like!) for both sides. while slinging, i noticed that there weren’t any natural, musky henna smell. i thought i had a nose block and couldn’t smell. and the silly mistake i made, got me jumped out of my skin. literally.

when i wiped the paste clean, it stained my palm instantly! the color i saw made me fall head over heels in love with this cone of henna. and whaddaya know? look at these.

look at the stain! i didn’t clean ’em off immediately. i did it the next morning. it’s so much darker and redder than how henna usually would stain. i didn’t mean that henna couldn’t give this tone but it’s always uncertain. either the skin or the henna paste would be the culprit. but with this burgundy henna, it guaranteed a very good stain! and look at my fingernails. so dark!

~~meeeeee looooove burgundy hennaaaaaa~~

however, there was this one thing that i disliked about the paste. it stick so well onto the skin that it refused to be scraped off. i had to wash it under running water. (if it kills you to run the tap, then wash it in a basin filled with water.) that’s not all of it. the dried paste let out “ink” that somehow stained my whole hand. look at the second and fourth pictures above.

luckily, the faint stain faded after i rubbed it away in water.

i can’t say how much i love the burgundy henna. even my husband loves it, saying that it looks nicer. and my friends too.

i know now which henna cone to get when i have brides-to-be engaged me to do henna for their wedding. and the first bride will be my cousin, whose wedding will be this coming christmas. and one more time,

~~meeeeee looooove burgundy hennaaaaaa~~


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6 thoughts on “it’s burgundy, y’all

  1. That’s some gorgeous intricate work you did there babe. Had i know earlier would have got you to do my bridal henna instead! Some talent you got there! :))

  2. Hi,I’ve been searching for guaranteed good henna cones.where did u get d dulhan n burgundy cones pls 😉 n how much are they?Thks in advance;)

    1. Hi Eza,
      All henna cones are bought from Tekka. For Shama Dulhan henna cones, you can get from Jothi Flower Store. They cost about $2.20. The burgundy one I bought from Selvi Store $3. It’s right outside Little India Station.

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