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when i grow up…

waaay when i was still a preschooler, i dreamed of being a teacher. it went on till i was in my pre-teenage years. i remembered scrawling on the walls along the corridor with chalks i stole from my classroom (sorry, mak!) and even at home. yea, you guessed it, i was pretending to be a teacher. and my students? they were imaginary *wink*

who would have known that i became what i dreamed to be? how many of us actually achieved our ambition, that we made when we were so young? till today i find it very surreal.

the doors of teaching opened up for me when i was doing my O Levels in 1998. yes. at that time, my mom was a preschool teacher and her school needed an assistant teacher in january for the nursery class. i got to assist that class for 2 hours everyday. (i had to skip my O Levels English remedial class…for a month! i was approached by my teacher and got good scolding; told her that i was working. till today, i still remember every word she said to me. “Yah, your “work” is more important than your O Levels, right?”)

but of course, i completed my O Levels with mid-flying colours. i didn’t score very good marks but at least i passed! with my results, i didn’t even get a chance to go to polytechnic, let alone college. i was qualified for ITE but i refused to register myself there.

in 1999, i took the chance to be a relief teacher in the same preschool my mom was working in but at that time, she had already left for a better paying job with the government. since i had a month long experience, the principal let me in with open arms. i was called up every week to cover a teacher who was either on leave or mc. then came a time where i was to relief a class for 3 months.

halfway through my service, the principal asked if i was interested to be a full-time teacher. i said yes and she KIV-ed my name. in the event a teacher resigned, i would take that place. YIPPPEEEEEEEE!!!! i was called up in november by the administrator saying that they need a teacher for a totally new centre. she interviewed me and i got the job! so easy, right? and in december 1999, i started my career as a full-time preschool teacher with only 4 O Level credits. (yaaa i know, i wasn’t a smart ass.)

and from then on, till today, i find myself stuck in this path. i was sent for courses, workshops and also diploma in teaching and all fully paid for. best, kan? but it has never been easy. it is a terrible roller coaster ride. (no, i’m not saying that teaching is terrible. i was talking about the roller coaster.) anyone who thinks “aiyaaah, teaching kindergarten chewren is easy what. abc, 123 only maaah. what’s so difficult?”, i have only this to say. you get your ignorant ass down here and take over.

by sticking to this line for almost 12 years, i just realised that i have a strong perseverance (or maybe i got no other choice). yes, i have thought of quitting and leaving for good. sending my resumes to some government bodies and private companies for a place in their organization and getting turned down every time just proved me one thing. i’m not cut to be out of the classroom.

and for staying loyal *rolls eyes*…

i got myself a long service award during the K2 Graduation Night 2011. nothing beats getting a hand shake from an MP, with an official photographer doing what he does best.

oh i’m sure my administrator would say, “waaaahh you take photo with your brother, aaah?”

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