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Ma’al Hijrah 1433

Have a blessed new year to all Muslims around the world. My heartiest wish and prayer is for peace and harmonious life, in accordance to Islam,that we are always lacking of.

On another note, the month of Muharram, has become more memorable and I have never been so attached to an Islamic month like this one (besides Rejab; my birth month and the month I got married).

Exactly 4 years ago, 1 Muharram 1429, I gave birth to a miracle baby, who miraculously fought her way out of my not-dilated-much cervix at only 26 weeks of gestational age. And after which, a few days later, a doctor advised me to remove her respirator because she would not survive or would be a mental retard. I politely declined the request.

With Allah’s full mercy and blessing, she is still surviving and I believe, she is a survivor and a fighter. She has had falls that were so bad that she obtained baluku on her wide forehead, chipped her two front teeth and cut her lips many times. Hadn’t she learn a lesson from all these?

Answer: No and Yes.

1) No, she didn’t learn that falling may cause injuries because she’d be back to her active “energizer bunny” mode, right after her crying and wailing.

2) Yes, she learned that she’s made of steel. She can be bent from the fall but she will not be left broken!

Many people also said that she has a wide forehead, she’d be a very smart girl. Indeed she is showing me some signs. She’s talking like a mak nenek, complete with some adult lingo, mind you! She picks up verbal language pretty fast too, for a child with speech delay!

With that, occasionally, she gives me headache.

Here’s to my super daughter, Happy New Year and Happy 4th Birthday, Baby!


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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