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an apple a day…

i confess that i miss eating fruits because i don’t eat them regularly. i know, it’s kinda bad. i also notice this dry feeling and taste in my throat when i don’t eat any. so i started buying some.

2 weeks ago, i bought 4 huge pears. i still have one left in the fridge. and last week, hubby got me to pick a bag of juicy red apples, got home, fridge it and forgotten about it altogether. it was only today, after lunch, that i realised i had apples waiting for me!! so before they turned rotten and mushy and moldy, i cut them into small pieces for easy munching.

and if there’s one thing that i just detest is how some people here (in Singapore) preferred to eat apples with their skin peeled. i’ve seen this many times in my classroom during snack time and when i asked those kids why was the skin peeled, these were what they said…

kid1: my grandma say it’s not good.
kid2: my mummy say the skin is not nice.
kid3: ……i don’t know…my maid did it.

i tell ya, i get very furious! oh why not? the skin of the apples is full of health benefits! yet these adults do not allow their kids to have ’em. stingy lot, aren’t they? i envy seeing some people (on tv, mags, in my dad’s photos when he was in Germany 10 years ago) picking up the apples from the ground, underneath the apple tree, rubbing one on their shirts and just give it a good bite! without worrying if it was dirty.

i did a “background check” online about apple skin and found this on WHFoods.

“The skin of the apple is unusually rich in nutrients, and even if the recipe you’ve chosen requires peeled apples, consider leaving the skins on to receive the unique benefits found in the skins. Ideally, of course, choose organic apples to avoid problems related to pesticide residues and other contaminants on the skins. If you cannot obtain organic apples, and you are willing to accept some level of risk related to consumption of residues on the apple skins, we believe that it can still be a good trade-off between nutrients and contaminants if you leave the skin of the apple intact and eat the apple unpeeled. Just be sure to thoroughly rinse the entire apple under a stream of pure water while gently scrubbing the skin with a natural bristle brush for 10-15 seconds.

of course you need to wash them first before sinking your teeth into the fruit. don’t be silly. there are always the uncertainties and “what ifs”. my mom always said “wash everything first before you pop them into your mouth.”

and i wanna share this too. i think it’s amazing.

“You might wonder why apples end up with such an amazing array of polyphenols. In this context, it’s fascinating to see that recent research studies show polyphenols to be the favorite mechanism used by apples to protect themselves from UV-B radiation. Cells in the skin of apple that conduct photosynthesis are especially sensitive to UV-B light from the sun. Many of the polyphenols in the skin of apples can actually absorb UV-B light, and thereby prevent UV-B from damaging the photosynthetic cells in the apple skin. Polyphenols, then, are like the apple’s natural sunscreen.”

so what does it really say about the skin? if it can protect the whole fruit from the sun, why can’t it protect us? i mean, don’t just eat apples to protect your skin from the sun. it’s healthy, dammit! eat it with the skin on! i think it’s a lost to those who love to peel the skin. not just containing all the above mentioned, it also contained dietary fibre. and what it does? so you can berak easily, right?

i also came up with this. there’s a reason why God made these fruits with thin skin. so you can just eat it like that and it will help your digestive system to work smoothly and you can take a crap without any bleeding or tearing of your anus or worst, constipation.

“i’m eating apples with skin on because mummy says it’s good for my tummy!”

now go get yerselves some apples. don’t peel the skin, alright? no, i said don’t!



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