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holiday’s home project

it struck me that i can also do some home projects with Fateha during the holidays, before i start working again. bonding time!!

all kids love to colour and paint. so i decided to let her do some vegetable printing! yes, real vegetable!! i was cooking for lunch and cut out the bottom of a chinese lettuce, and found that it looked so much like a rose. that’s when the bulb in my head lighted up.

we reused some materials from the kitchen. the styrofoam plates for putting the paints, water in the mcflurry plastic cup, old newspaper aaaaand, a plastic bag for apron. heheh. i do these with my students and why not with my own kid!

a-printing we will go, a-printing we will go…hi ho the derry-o a-printing we will go

she enjoyed doing the “chop chop” with the lettuce bottom. lol! i gave her limited colours only but she picked the one she wanted to use first and so on. in a way, i wanted to reinforce on her understanding and recognition of colours.

isn’t this nice?? a rose out of lettuce bottom!

“tadaaaaa!!! my messy vegetable printing!!!”

“i’m proud of my very first home project…mummy helped me, of course!!”

she did most of the work herself, painting the background with orange. initially, when asked, she requested for yellow. and then blue.
her: i want yeyo (yellow)
me: i don’t have yellow. (showed her the tubes of paints in my hand)
her: aaaaa….bu!! (blue)
me: no, i teach you! we use orange, ok?

lol! yea i made some decisions for her but she did the rest (with some help). daddy, in the meantime, just sat and watch. occasionally, passing us some tissue papers. the printings were done by her too. i just told her to “chop chop” gently onto the paper and she did, saying “chop chop” as she went. she chose the colours she wanted to use; first was purple, then blue and then green.

and then she didn’t wanna stop. so i had to pack up and clean up before she mess up the floor.

gotta hang it out to dry in the sun, while it’s still hot and burning in the sky. these days the weather gets very unpredictable!

next project, threading!!!


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