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good read

she’s not able to read yet but i observed her to be a book lover. every now and then she’ll be asking for books; either for looking at pictures or scribbling. no! i don’t give her storybooks to scribble on of course. she has her own sketch book 🙂

on our recent trip to JB, i encountered a shop selling islamic related books. for adults and children. we have not books suitable for kids so i thought it’d be a good idea for me to get some for Fateha. and i got her a pack of six books of stories about prophets. not all prophets, though. we have 25 prophets! i might need to go back and get the rest.

“ibu, dodok tini, baca buku!”

she asked me to read to her. i thought it’d  be good to start reading histories of our blessed prophets. i asked her to pick one and she chose Nabi Isa a.s. when i asked why, “ada bird!” lol. i think she’s only interested in the bird!

the book was simply written for kids to understand (although i know she won’t). it briefly explained Prophet’s early life as a boy who loved to learn about his surrounding and asked questions rather than playing. and then to the part where the Israeli tribes began to shun him when he officially became a Prophet at the age of 30.

they brought him to King Herod, who didn’t believe in the Prophet too. Herod asked Prophet to show them his miracle and which he obliged. Prophet took a handful of mud and moulded it into a shape of a bird. and he called upon the mud to turn into a real bird (with the help of Allah).

Herod and his men didn’t want to believe the Prophet and so Herod ordered his men to kill Prophet. here, the book also mentioned Yahuza (or Yahuda, in some books) to be helping Herod’s men and showed them where Prophet lived. but the Almighty brought the Prophet up into the sky to save him, and turned Yahuza, to look exactly like Prophet. it was Yahuza who was caught by Herod’s men and got crucified.

and as for Fateha, she waited till the whole story ended. yay! not bad for a 9-page book (pages with words only!). it brought back my enthusiasm in learning about our prophets and their miracles.

i hope Fateha will too.


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